Sierra Nevada Holistic Services, LLC (SNVHS)

When telling people about Sierra Nevada Holistic Services (SNVHS), I find there are so many different ways to describe it. SNVHS started as a massage business with the focus of therapeutic bodywork. Then SNVHS added energy work such as Reiki and meditation classes. Now SNVHS is growing to begin offering holistic Primary Care. This is where the explanation begins to get wordy. So I decided to put together bullet points to convey my meaning.

A Holistic Primary Care Provider Means:

• I view the mind, body and spirit is a whole, single entity, and is much more than just the sum of its individual parts.

• I understand a person’s culture and community has an impact on their health and wellness.

• I help to oversee all aspects of one’s health, clarify additional treatment and diagnostic options, analyze and interpret any lab and testing results, and refer to other medical specialties and alternative modalities, as indicated and requested.

• I acknowledge the intelligence that created and maintains our body/mind/spirit, through its inherent healing process.

• I utilize diagnostic and treatment approaches that respect Nature’s design, focusing on restoring balance and harmony from within.

• I apply the principles of Functional Medicine, which focuses on looking below the “surface” where the true causes of illness originate. (Functional Medicine is personalized, science-based healthcare that deals with primary prevention and underlying causes of symptoms and chronic disease.)

• A core aspect of my approach is to teach, inspire, and support clients/patients in improving their health and quality of living using the most natural, safe, beneficial, and efficient health interventions, emphasizing educational resources available today.

• While accessing authentic information is beneficial, my experience suggests that most people need assistance with uncovering the underlying causes of their health condition. They also require some personal guidance, monitoring of their progress, and on-going coaching, to sustain their efforts, and ultimately, to help them reach their health goals.

Holistic Direct Client Primary Care offers:

  • Extended visits
  • Provider who listens
  • Client-centred medicine, treating the whole person within their definition of health and wellness
  • Focus treatment on preventative care at all levels of prevention
  • Preventive and wellness care, acute and chronic disease management
  • A holistic approach to healing the whole person, not just the symptoms 
  • Alternative and complementary medicine/practices are encouraged and practiced
  • Annual comprehensive holistic history and physical
  • Diet and lifestyle evaluation, education, and support for change
  • A partner with you to create a treatment plan

Sierra Nevada Holistic Services Primary Care Differs From Other Primary Care Practices:

  • No monthly or annual fees. Clients pay for services on each visit. In the near future, a monthly service fee will be available to help lower annual expenditures on primary care visits in relation to meeting high insurance deductibles (knows as Direct Primary Care). NO insurance, including Medicare is accepted.
  • Your visits with us are not time based, but set-up to provide us with enough time to address your questions/concerns and to have a conversation about a plan of action for problems.
  • Your health and wellness is defined by your definition. We may not have the same definition, but will work together to find compatibility as a team.
  • We are based on a treatment team approach. As services/providers are added to the practice, they will become part of your treatment team. This may include but is not limited to dietary, counselling, meditation/energy work, bodywork by a massage therapist etc. Your treatment team will have regular communication with YOUR input for helping you to meet/achieve your wellness and health goals.
  • We are a prevention-based clinic. What this means is we are committed to stopping illness/disease before it starts (primary prevention), minimizing adverse or worsening pathology for current illness/disease AKA disease control (secondary prevention), and finally use of interventions/rehabilitations to return a client to a level of disease control and prevention of adverse consequences to your health (tertiary prevention).
  • We expect to work only as hard as you do on your health and wellness. You will be required to be an active participant in your health care by following your treatment plan, making/implementing lifestyle changes as guided by your treatment plan to the BEST of your abilities, and to be honest with us about how things are going. Lack of willingness or participation in your care means we may not be a good fit together. If this is the case, we will provide you a referral to another provider instead.