Yoga Nidra Individual Sessions

Yoga Nidra, sometimes known as “Sleep of the Yogis”, goes between wakefulness and dreaming. It is an awakening of the deep, deep stillness of what is asleep within you. This deep place of stillness is where intentions and affirmations become reality, giving you direct access to the extraordinary powers of your own intuition, creativity, health, and abundance.

This relaxation releases blockages so energy flows freely along the energy meridians. This unique combination of alert awareness and deep relaxation takes you to the alpha and theta states of consciousness far beyond ordinary waking consciousness. In these deep states, the integrative powers of the Third Eye and higher centers of consciousness are activated.

No prior experience in Yoga is necessary. Loose clothing is recommended for light stretching and lying down.

Yoga Nidra is particularly beneficial in dealing with the multitude of stressors we encounter daily in life. Improved sleep, stronger immune system, natural healing and deepening of our spiritual beliefs.

Individual sessions are provided at the Serenity Studio. Sessions are similar to classes, but are tailored to meet your specific physical limitations and/or meditation needs. Contact Susan Fritz, RN for cost and to schedule an appointment!