My path to wellness and the ability to move  easier without pain started with my recommendation to go see Andrea Felesina. 
The pain and discomfort in my neck, back and hips all restricted me from the active retired lifestyle that I so wanted.
It did not come without some changes and work on my part but with her encouragement, diligence and desire to see me succeed I hiked 9 miles this summer at almost 10,000 feet, that is a feat for me.
I will never regret making that appointment and I will always be grateful for Andrea’s expertise, skill and patience that have given me back  that retired lifestyle I wanted.

Carolyn Steinbacher

Andrea puts a big emphasis on overall health and well-being. I have the highest regard for her knowledge, training, expertise, and her concerns for the ‘whole patient.’ I frequently and enthusiastically recommend Andrea’s practice to family and friends. I also tell my orthopedic doctors, physical therapist, and acupuncturist how much Andrea’s care has helped me.

Mary Wood

To this day, it is due to her [Andrea] learning about Thai massage that my overall structure and function has changed for the better. I remain mobile, my gait is more balanced, and I have less pain due to Andrea’s abilities.

Dawn Aragon

I can’t say enough great things about Andrea Felesina, her BioMat, and all her wonder oils. Having a hard time sleeping due to extreme back pain, Andrea’s massages with the BioMat have brought me much needed pain relief, restful nights sleep, better circulation, and dulled the aches of arthritis to a minimum. Her oils have calmed my upset stomach, healed rashes, and relieved stress. She always provides a much needed comfortable, healing and relaxing experience.

Sheree Pierson

I am a 42 year old female who has suffered with cold sores since early childhood, which was not only humiliating but very frustrating as well. Over the years I have tried many over the counter medications, home remedies, and countless prescription medications to no avail. Now at the age of 42 I was offered a Cold Sore remedy and although I was very excited about the possibility of something actually working, I will admit I was also a little skeptical.

Kathryn Rose

Until Yoga Nidra and Reiki with Sue, I had never before experienced such deep levels of peaceful transcendent feelings. Thank you, Sue, for opening new doors of meditative experience.

Ruth Drury

Sue, you are a rainbow in my life. You have done so much, so many times to heal me. I am honored and blessed to be your friend. 

Patsy Newton

Yoga Nidra has added meaning to my life. 

Sharon Paramenter

Congratulations on your creation of the Meditation Garden at Serenity Studio. It is inspiring to witness a thought being manifested into such beautiful reality. 

Peter Petrini

Thank you so much for being in my life! I can’t believe how much your voice and words calm me. You have an amazing ability to quiet mind, body and soul. Thank you for helping me sort out my crap! I am proud of myself for doing this and thankful to have someone like you to take the journey of self exploration with me. You are an amazing woman and I wanted you to know what you do really does mater in peoples lives. 

Amanda Percival

Meditation by the pond, listening to the waterfall is my favorite. Every week I say, I haven’t been this relaxed since the last time I was at Yoga Nidra. 

Harry Chalekian

Thank you, Susan, you have hanged my life for the better.
 There have been many changes in my life since starting Yoga Nidra,  both mentally and physically. I had trouble with aching hips for years. Some days I could hardly get out of bed they hurt so bad and forget about sleeping through the night. I always thought it was just arthritis and there wasn’t anything I could do about it except take drugs. Susan taught me stretches to do before I go to bed and I now sleep through the night without pain. There are still some stiff mornings but I just do the stretches and I can move again.  Susan has also taught me the wonders of meditation. I used to lay in bed for hours because I simply could not turn my mind off. Stress and worry was making my lefe almost unbearable. Through meditation I am learning to let go of those feelings and I now realize that worrying about every small thing is like rocking in a rocking chair. It gives you something to do but doesn’t really get you anywhere. With meditation I can now clear my mind at night so I get a good nights sleep. 
Thank you Susan, I wish I’d have found you 20 years ago. 

Dawn Sperry 

Sue walks the talk. If handling stress is your goal, it would be impossible to find a better method of stress reduction than the Yoga Nidra taught by Sue Fritz. I have been in the martial arts for almost 45 years and I preach that the martial arts are effective in dealing with stress. Sadly that ideal is seldom realized. Last year I witnessed an example of handling a level of stress I would not have thought possible. And it was not done through martial arts. Sue Fritz, a very experienced teacher of Yoga Nidra was faced with a complex and prolonged stressful situation in her life, that only a very advanced soul could have handled. Sue never showed the slightest sign that anything was amiss. She went about her life, caring for others, taking care of family and loved ones with nary a wrinkle in the fabric of calmness. 
I highly recommend, Sue, and Yoga Nidra.  

Dave McNeil – Head of Goju- Shorei Martial Arts

I love Sue’s wisdom and love of life. 

Deanna Lewis

Yoga Nidra has become an essential part of my daily workout. I value Susan’s deep loving beautiful way of teaching. Susan makes Yoga fun and transformative.  

Cindy McEwan

Maybe the best massage I’ve ever had. Mad skills.

Awesome massage. Going back for more.

Andrea was great! She spent a lot of time getting to know preferences and followed through with what i asked. I will go back to her as soon as I can.

Thanks for providing a wonderful , calming atmosphere for massage.
The room was softly lit, soft music playing, The massage table was heated which was very nice. Andrea asked what areas I wanted worked on, which ones to focus on, or did I just want an all over massage. I told her I wanted focus on my upper back and neck, but wanted the full body massage. I could feel not just her hands, but her elbow and knuckles working out the kinks. I almost fell asleep!! And when the massage was over, I didn’t want to get up!!

I would recommend Andrea to others, and can’t wait to book another massage for myself
Andrea is absolutely amazing. She massaged continuously with no stopping for 90 minutes! I was in heaven! She gets a through overview of what you want her to concentrate on and then does a through recap of which areas need work and how to care for yourself afterwards. I am going to start going monthly.
Andrea delivers an excellent massage!!
Very skilled hands. Nurturing and professional. I would certainly request another healing session in the future.
Andrea is wonderful. I had a 90 minute massage and it was one of the best. I sure hope others give her a try. She is getting booked up quickly but worth the wait.

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