Spending too much time with TP?

I wanted to share with you about a medical patient I saw this week. She is 50 years old and does have some medical conditions, that are mostly stable in my medical opinion. As we were reviewing her previous year’s health and wellness status, she made an off-hand comment about her husband teasing her about her love of TP. With a little more prodding, I discovered she was having “leaking” issues.

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Stop The Anxiety-Pain Rollercoaster!

Did you know stress can be both good and bad? Most of us usually think about stress and anxiety as negative aspects. What we know is positive stress (eustress) is actually helpful for health, excitement, and motivation in life.

The problem happens when our minds go from a solution-orientation to one of overthinking or worrying. We begin to let the “monkey mind” control our narrative. Unfortunately, this narrative is usually negative in nature.

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Getting The Best of Balance

I always knew I was clumsy. I used to joke with people, “I came into this world falling down, I’ll most likely go out the same way!” I would even add, “I’ve fallen down so much, I’m now very graceful on the way down!”

As I’ve gotten into my 40’s, I’m no longer using these phrases. I don’t want to fall. I’ve discovered, I don’t bounce as well as I did in my 30’s. And I certainly don’t recover from a fall like I was in my teens!

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Fear = Success

What if I told you failure does equal success? What would you say? Would it be something like, “There is no way that is true!” Or “If you failed, then you didn’t succeed!” Or “failure is the opposite of success.”  

But I’d like to propose that indeed, this is true. Especially when we are trying new things or attempting a change in our lives.

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Is Degenerative Disc Disease Real?

I was speaking with a client today who was recalling her appointment with a new pain management specialist. According to her, he was asking her about her medical history and back issues; to which she started listing off previous diagnoses such as Fibromyalgia, DDD/DJD (degenerative disc/joint disease), and spinal stenosis. At this point, he apparently became hostile with her and began a long diatribe about how DDD isn’t real and how he wished people would stop calling this a disease as it gives patients something to “whine about when there is actually nothing wrong with them!”

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