What Is Your Pain Relief Dial Set To?

You may be asking, “what the heck is she talking about now?”

Each of us has the capacity to feel pain. It is an innate part of being alive and is a warning sign to help with the preservation of function and life.

Our bodies, minds, and lifestyle have a great deal of influence on how we deal with the pains of life.

While many people may be blessed to say they don’t suffer from chronic pain, a great many of us can’t.

We know approximately 80% of the population will experience back pain. Of those, 20% will become chronic in nature.

Approximately 85% of back pain suffers having no known cause (i.e., injury, pathology) and their imaging reports oftentimes only show “mild degenerative changes” or “unremarkable other than normal aging changes”.

The trouble has been a lack of a way to demonstrate a very subjective experience of chronic pain in an objective and measurable way. All body functions and experiences in the body are a combination of electrical signals and chemical reactions.

The good news… There is now a way to test for chronic pain presence!

The science of pain management has been forced to look at how to move forward in the wake of the opioid crisis. Besides new medications and advances in treatment, we now can look for pain chemical indicators in urine.

The Function Biomarkers of Pain test identifies 11 endogenous biomarkers, all known to play a role in chronic pain. Did you known Vitamin B12, Folate, Serotonin, and Epinephrine influence your individual pain sensations and pain relief?

We know that 77% of these patients have an imbalance in their body’s chemical biomarkers in at least one area. By having this information, providers can begin to address some of the body’s underlying causes of pain.

And because we are talking about chemicals and hormones in the body that are measurable, we can monitor how well treatment is working! This is a huge step forward for providers and patients.

Just think, a way to validate those folks with “unknown causes” and “normal aging changes” of chronic back pain. A way to measure how our indivdual lifestyles and health affect our pain… AND the ability to cope with it.

This test is used in The Healthy Back Program. It allows us to see where a client’s pain biomarkers are so we can guide supplementation and lifestyle changes.  

We understand that pain is complex and more than what is on the MRI. We help our clients understand and address their underlying causes of pain to help gain control of their pain relief dial.

If you are ready to evaluate your pain and make the foundation changes for better control of your back pain, then contact me. The schedule link is below this email!


Andrea Felesina, APRN, LMT
Director of The Healthy Back Program
Sierra Nevada Holistic Services, LLC