As a nurse practitioner, a massage therapist, and a forever student I am developing Sierra Nevada Holistic Services (SNVHS) to be a form of health and wellness for my clients, patients and the Northern Nevada Community in general. I am a nurse practitioner with a big dream and long-term goal that is becoming a reality based in Carson City. This blog is about my journey to develop an integrative health practice that focuses on education and prevention at all levels; works with my clients and patients to meet them at their definition of health and wellness; educates and motivates for achieving optimum health as an individual, a family, and as a community.

For far too long medicine in the US has gotten away from the foundation of the “patient” as a critical member of their individual treatment TEAM and fallen victim to big businesses of drug companies and insurance industries. These industries have an overwhelming say in how THE patient is acted upon, not with. Medicine has become a conglomeration of individual silo specialties whom forget the basics of communication with the patient and amongst themselves. The primary care provider is often the last to know about changes to their patient’s treatment plan and medications, and often left in frustration and irritation as the changes made by non-communitive specialists may have put the patient at risk. Why you ask? The answer is as complex as the problem and has many levels of communication breakdown from the moment a patient goes to see a provider through the development and initiation of the treatment the provider decides on. The truth is fault can be found on all sides of the equation, including the patient’s. Ultimately, I believe medicine has become more difficult than it should be and it has lost sight of its foundational purpose – health and healing.

At SNVHS, I strive to develop a practice with my clients and patients as partners in their own health and wellness. I learn and discover through their stories, their lives, their truths and definitions of what health and wellness is for them. The truth is we don’t all have the same definition or strive to be at the optimal definitions of health and wellness that the medical experts say we should be. As a primary care provider, I look to be a source of education and motivation for my clients and patients, a problem solver to help them achieve their best, and an integrative clinician that understands medicine and healing comes in many. There is no one right way in the healing industry. It is important to be willing and flexible to use the diversity and cultural health and types of medicine/healing. I strive to never be told who or what type of healthcare I provide by insurance; or the almighty dollar dictating my time with my patient. I strive to not only be open minded and empathetic to my client’s journey of health and wellness, but to develop a treatment team of other providers who share this same belief. I strive to develop a system of healthcare that places the patient at the head of the treatment team and has regular communication of the treatment plan and the progress made toward meeting the goals.

At this point SNVHS is in it’s infancy as a primary care provider. No insurance is accepted and it is currently as a fee-for-service practice working to become a direct primary care provider (not to be confused with concierge medicine). I hope to develop a wonderful base of clients and patients whom are as invested in their own health as I will be.