Achieving Inner Tranquility

 “I want what you have” “How do you stay calm and centered and serene in the midst of all the craziness around you?”

This is what I hear from friends and coworkers. My response is Meditation, in particular Yoga Nidra Meditation.

Meditation allows you to find that place within yourself where there is a deep knowing of who you are. It is a sense of calm centeredness that stays with you no matter what rocks the world around you. Meditation is an exercise of the mind that requires deep concentration plus total relaxation. To achieve this deep meditative state one must be able to totally let go and relax. Not an easy task.

A frequent response to suggestions of meditation is “I could never sit still long enough to meditate”, “I don’t have the time”, or “My mind is way to busy.” Life today always seems to be in the fast lane. From the time we get up till long after we have gone to bed, we are bombarded with all the trappings of modern life as we have come to know it. All around us people are complaining and unhappy that there is never enough and everything is a struggle. Sound familiar?

Being centered in the knowledge of who you are deep down is the key to successfully living in this crazy rat race. Staying centered requires balance in all areas of your life. For me personally, my journey to discovering a balanced and centered life is the result of 40+ years of study in meditation, yoga, martial arts, nutrition and medicine. Along the way I have learned that a good teacher can lead a student deep into the experience of inner peace and quiet.

Yoga Nidra is the fast track to achieving deep relaxation and a calm focused mind. Although Yoga Nidra Meditation is 3000+ years old it is perfect for the fast paced life of today’s modern world. Yoga Nidra starts with light stretching and breathing exercises to loosen up and relax the body. This is followed by a guided meditation that gently focuses the client’s mind. Successfully using the Yoga Nidra requires a teacher that is able to tap into their own personal source of calm centeredness to lead the guided meditation. On behalf of the student it requires the willingness to be open to new experiences.

Years of practice are not necessary to immediately begin reaping the benefits of exploring the inner states of our own mind. Each time we enter the meditative state of Yoga Nidra, we experience a little more balance. We can learn to let go of unimportant things that clutter our lives and drain us of vital energy. As we go deeper into the meditative state, we learn to let go of that which is damaging and making us sick. This is where true inner healing takes place of the mind and body.

What awaits you in this deeply relaxing meditative exploration of your mind through Yoga Nidra is vast and delightfully satisfying. Often it is insightful and sometimes quite energetically entertaining. Along the way of this very interesting journey, you learn to know and like yourself, and achieve inner tranquility.


Susan Fritz is a Registered Nurse and advocate of holistic medicine and philosophy. She provides personalized individual sessions, and teaches Yoga Nidra Meditation classes in Carson City. Susan is also a certified Shambala Reiki energy practitioner. By combining Yoga Nidra with Reiki and/or Shambala energy work, the meditative state infiltrates and intensifies the body/mind healing potentials and is spiritually uplifting