Sierra Nevada Holistic Services, LLC (SNVHS)

When telling people about Sierra Nevada Holistic Services (SNVHS), I find there are so many different ways to describe it. SNVHS started as a massage business with the focus of therapeutic bodywork. Then SNVHS added energy work such as Reiki and meditation classes. Now SNVHS is growing to begin offering holistic Primary Care. This is where the explanation begins to get wordy. So I decided to put together bullet points to convey my meaning.

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Why develop your own independent primary care practice?

I am often asked about why I would spend time creating my own business versus just going to work for a physician or a medical group. For me, spending time creating something is more valuable and rewarding than simply going along with the flow of a “job”. Don’t get me wrong, the process is not easy, uncomplicated, cheap, or without days of me asking myself the same question.

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As a nurse practitioner, a massage therapist, and a forever student I am developing Sierra Nevada Holistic Services (SNVHS) to be a form of health and wellness for my clients, patients and the Northern Nevada Community in general. I am a nurse practitioner with a big dream and long-term goal that is becoming a reality based in Carson City. This blog is about my journey to develop an integrative health practice that focuses on education and prevention at all levels; works with my clients and patients to meet them at their definition of health and wellness; educates and motivates for achieving optimum health as an individual, a family, and as a community.

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