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Shambhala is the energy of Unconditional Love. It can be used for healing purposes, personal evolution or self empowerment. Shambhala means “Heavens Light”. It works with the masculine/feminine duality of energy that is present in each of us.

Through energy and breath work, Shambhala works on the physical body at the cellular level by helping the cells to remember and realign with their original DNA. The Shambhala practitioner assists the client in reconnecting with their own divine blue print of perfect health as unconditional loving energy is moved thru the chakras and meridians of the body.  With gentle verbal guidance and occasional light touch, chakras are opened and energy is moved throughout the body restoring health and balance. Areas of stress and/or injury are repeatedly washed with the energy of Divine Mother to lovingly accept and renew the body at all levels. Once energy is flowing freely, healing can take place on the physical, emotional and mental levels.    
Performed while sitting or lying down in comfortable loose clothing, it involves occasional light touch with the fingers or palms of the hand.

Recommended to have 3 sessions within 30 days.

Repeated sessions build the trust between client and practitioner that is necessary for fully allowing this energy transformation to take place.  Shambhala can be combined with Yoga Nidra for increased relaxation and deeper attunement of healing. This results in a quicker route to one’s higher self and a more conscious experience of Shambhala energy in action.
Benefits may be seen in all areas of life. Improved physical health, decreased pain, stronger immune system, increased emotional   well-being and balance, and increased mental focus are just a few of the possible outcomes of Shambhala energy work.


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