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Kathryn Rose

I am a 42 year old female who has suffered with cold sores since early childhood, which was not only humiliating but very frustrating as well. Over the years I have tried many over the counter medications, home remedies, and countless prescription medications to no avail. Now at the age of 42 I was offered a Cold Sore remedy and although I was very excited about the possibility of something actually working, I will admit I was also a little skeptical. And as soon as I got that familiar tingle on my lip I applied the Cold Sore Remedy as directed and to my surprise the Cold Sore did not get any bigger, nor did it open up or ooze as they had always done in the past, and within about a week and a few days the sore was completely gone. Approximately a month later (which is a huge amount of time for me not to develop another sore or cluster of sores). I developed another sore and again applied the Remedy and same result as the last time and I was elated. These Oil Remedy’s really worked for me and I wish I had it years ago. Great product.


Sierra Nevada Holistic Services, LLC

407 W Robinson Street Carson City, NV 89703

(775) 720-2563

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