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Essential Oils


Buying Quality Essential Oils

We recommend purchasing and using essential oils with the two highest grades of quality essential oils: 1) genuine and authentic, 2) pure, natural, and complete.  

The highest grade of essential oils is listed as genuine and authentic.

The second grade is pure, complete, and natural from the moment they are planted through the harvesting, proce

ssing, and bottling process.

Not all ready-made aromatherapy products labeled with the words “therapeutic” or “pure” are of the two

top grades. Products that contain artificial ingredients do not provide true

aromatherapy benefits.  At worst, they provide no benefit or may be harmful. At best, they provide only a fraction of the benefit that natural products supply. Buyers seeking true aromatherapy products must look at the ingredient label to ensure that the product does not contain fragrance oils or unpure (chemical) components.

A general rule-of-thumb is to be wary of products that do not list their ingredients and those that do not boast o

Ananda Essential Oils

f having pure essential oils (look for products that contain pure essential oils on their ingredient list and avoid those that have words like fragrance).  A note, however, is that some sellers of good-quality aromatherapy blends do not list their ingredients because they are worried that others may copy their creation.  By asking the seller more about the blend, and listening to how they respond, you should have a better idea about the quality of the blend being sold.

Good suppliers should be happy to provide you with a list of the ingredients. They understand that some individuals must avoid particular oils due to health problems. 

Two companies that fit into our recommendation of the top two categories of essential oil are The Ananda Apothecary and Original Swiss Aromatics.


A overall good list of additional information about essential oils is located at "21 Things You Should Know Using Essential Oils."


Essential oil companies you may see used at SNVHS:  Young Living and doTerra. These companies are network marketing essential oil companies. These products and companies have a large following and produce beneficial essential oils.      Young Living    and      doTerra


Essential Oils


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