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All Massage Therapists are NOT created equally!

Are you one of those clients who asked for deep tissue massage and received a painful experience that wasn’t pleasant?

How about one of those clients who wanted a massage focused on the low back, but mostly received neck and shoulder work?

How about one of those clients who just wanted to relax only to find the massage therapist couldn’t be quiet?


Often times there is a misperception that all massage therapists are the same, with the little bit of education and shingle to hang on a building front. The truth of the matter is that even students from the same massage school have different approaches to the same massage. The trick is finding a massage therapist that you are confident and comfortable with!


As a massage client you need to be comfortable with you massage therapist. This means feeling safe and secure while allowing this person to touch and manipulate your body while you may have your eyes and are partially/fully undressed. That takes a lot of trust on a client’s part to let go and believe that the massage therapist has your best interests in mind.


Allow me to introduce myself.


My name is Andrea Felesina. I am a registered nurse and a massage therapist. I have various education degrees in biology, psychology, nursing and massage. I have been involved in people’s health and wellness for the last 20 years. Through those years, I have discovered that each person has their own definition of what health and/or wellness is within their own physical, mental, spiritual, and financial limitations. It is these varied definitions and limitations that mandates a creative approach to working with people. As of May, I opened my own massage practice, Sierra Nevada Holistic Services, within the Healing Arts Associates building.


As a registered nurse, I have the unique ability to therapeutically work with massage clients as an active part of their recovery plan. By knowing the body and how it works, being able to adapt to client’s limitations, and having a vested interest in a client’s recovery, I work to promote and enhance each client’s health and wellness.

While I’m able to provide Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage, I do have other important skills and techniques as a massage therapist. One of the more therapeutic types of massage work I do is called Interactive Fascia Therapy (IFT). Fascia is one type of connective tissues within the body. Its unique feature is that it acts like the “shrink wrap” within the body to hold things in place, from the bottom of the skin down to the bones. Because of the way fascia connects all the various tissues, if one can interact with the fascia in the body, it is possible to effect change in the muscles/tendons/ligaments in the area. My instructor developed this type of work and it is the primary type of work that I seek for myself. Additionally, providing individualized massage treatment plans for clients with various pains, limitations in movement, or medical conditions is a special skill. I enjoy working on clients of all ages, but have a special place in my heart for the aging and elderly.


In addition, I also see massage clients in their homes, provide Reiki energy work, aromatherapy, and meditation. One of the most unique aspects to my massage table is an amethyst crystal BioMat. Through the combined technologies of amethyst crystals, negative ions, and far infrared rays, the BioMat delivers soothing, deep-penetrating heat while stimulating the regeneration of damaged cells in your body, promoting circulation, and decreasing pain and inflammation.



From the above description, it should be clear that not all massage therapists are created equally. If you experience a bad massage, I encourage you to not let that one experience cloud your opinion about the importance of massage. While massage often has the label of a “luxury” item, it truly has therapeutic and wellness aspects relaxation, wellness and stress management. As for recommendations, the industry standard for massage is at least monthly. 


Andrea Felesina, RN, LMT




Sierra Nevada Holistic Services, LLC

407 W Robinson Street Carson City, NV 89703

(775) 720-2563

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